Jeopardy! Dredges Up Jack White and Black Keys Beef

From time to time, Jeopardy! features questions about contemporary musicians. In an attempt to have players guess “the Black Keys” in the “Bands of the 21st Century” category, Alex Trebek offered a clue about a very specific moment in the band’s history. “Jack White has had some conflict with Dan Auerbach of this band whose name oddly mirrors the White Stripes’,” he asked. Yes—the team behind tonight’s episode of Jeopardy! made the decision to resurface the feud between White and the Black Keys, which otherwise hasn’t gotten much press in the last five years. (The clue does not note that White has also exchanged words with Patrick Carney.)

The two sides have made a public effort to squash the beef in recent years, as White’s label Third Man Records publicly congratulated the Black Keys when they released “Let’s Rock” last year. “I’ve actually gotten to know Jack the last six months, a little bit,” Carney said in an interview last year. “This is a big month for rock and roll in Nashville with the Raconteurs record and our record.”

In 2018, a Jeopardy! contestant guessed Eminem when the question was about Jack White. (Jack’s picture was shown.) The White Stripes’ Greatest Hits is out December 4.

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