In some way we really feel with Zac Efron's new mullet haircut

Okay listen to us: Zac Efron, But with a mullet.

It's not exactly what we expected on our bingo card this Christmas, but hey, it's 2020 and anything is possible. Is this the look we never knew we needed?

The Beach Bum actor stopped by Attaboy Barbers in Kent Town, Australia this week for a new retro do. The salon revealed on Instagram that Zac "came in to clean up today, so we gave him a mullet," with a screaming laughing emoji. We can only hope that Zac – and his girlfriend Vanessa Valladares– knew what he was getting into.

hair stylist Luke Munn wrote in his Insta Story that he made his "old buddy a true Aussie and gave him a mullet" with shaved sides. The side of the hair salon stated that Zac "also gave the boss man, Robby, a trim – and made him feel 17 again. "Troy Bolton never could!

It seems the actor wants to step into 2021 with no regrets as he truly embraces the Australian lifestyle. Last year, the 33-year-old experimented with getting super blonde and before that, he shockingly showed off his dreadlocks.

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