How one can watch the after-movies whereas streaming and what's subsequent for Tessa & Hardin

After we collide, comes Netflix

And this month, After We Collided will also join After for streaming. The second film hit international cinemas in September amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but held its own, reaching the top 20 highest-grossing films worldwide in 2020 at $ 47.9 million. The second film follows Tessa as she's doing a publishing internship and meets Dylan Sprouse's Trevor, a clumsy collaborator of hers after an argument with Hardin.

In After We Collided, Anna Todd was more involved in the writing process as the script co-writer and also an active producer. The film is also directed by Roger Kumble, who directed Cruel Intentions in 1999. After We Collided is coming to Netflix on December 22nd. Set a reminder for After We Collided On Netflix here.

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