Herobust Drops Emotional Single “Bear in mind” with San Holo on Guitar [MUST LISTEN]

Herobust just hit us smack dab in the feels with his new production, “Remember.”

The playful, melodic single lives and breathes nostalgia, as Herobust captivates our ears and hearts with the most emotional track we’ve heard from him.

“Remember” seamlessly works in a reminiscent vocal hook with a world of uplifting sounds before exploding into a future riddim drop. We love how he keeps the Herobust sound intact on the impacts — and that San Holo touch coming through on guitar adds another dynamic layer to the production. There’s a lot to absorb and reflect on with every play through.

Hayden shares of the release: This year brought some heavy emotions. Some days I could write fun party music. Some days I couldn’t. As soon as I stopped forcing it and expressed myself honestly, Remember happened.

He continues: If Remember reminds you of everything you miss, please don’t stop there. Experience that loss, but now appreciate how great things were and how great things will be again. I, personally, am fucking stoked.

BRB… ugly crying…

Herobust – Remember


Photo via Rukes.com

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