Haviah Mighty announces stock market mixtape and shares video for the new song “Protest”: Watch

Canadian rapper Haviah Mighty shared a video for “Protest,” a new track with London grime artist Yizzy. Kit Weyman and Chris Lowe are directing the film. Check it out below.

Haviah Mighty shared a statement on the track:

This song is my protest – a reminder that regardless of all the conversation, gossip, media, justice and injustice – that feeling and fear that we walk with is as present as ever. After all these years, meeting the police as a marginalized person still triggers pure fear. These feelings within the production – the intensity and depth of the chords, the stress and tension of the tempo – all reflect feelings of paranoia, fear, control and our innate will to survive when we encounter law enforcement. With the British artist Yizzy, who blesses this album, we come full circle. From the perspective of a fair-skinned man from elsewhere in the world, our experiences are still mirrored, further evidence of the eerie similarities between black trauma.

Haviah Mighty released her Polaris-winning album 13th Floor in 2019. Since then she has released numerous singles including “Atlantic”, “Occasion”, “Antisocial”, “Obeah”, “Good on My Own Tonight” and “Way Too Fast”. ”

This fall, Haviah Mighty plans to release a new mixtape called the Stock Exchange. The title, she explained, was inspired by how “the general public’s perception of the value of an entity, and ultimately how this affects the movements we make as individuals”.

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