Haruomi Hosonos Watering a Flower, Omni Sight Seeing and MEDICINE COMPILATION Come to Streaming: Pay attention

Three of Haruomi Hosono's albums are available for streaming services for the first time. Hana ni Mizu (Watering a Flower) (1984), omni Sight Seeing (1989) and MEDICINE COMPILATION (1993) can now be streamed. The latter two releases were remastered by Yoshinori Sunahara, who previously oversaw the Yellow Magic Orchestra's recent reissues. Vinyl releases of Omni Sight Seeing and Medicine Compilation will be released on December 4th via Light in the Attic.

Hosono's "Talking" from "Watering a Flower" was especially tried in "2021" by Vampire Weekend. The album featured music written by Hosono for Japanese retailer MUJI. "At first I didn't understand why anyone was interested in the music I made for MUJI. I created it as background music in the store, and it was just a job I did a long time ago so I had it since forgotten, "he said to Vice last year." But to hear what Vampire Weekend did with the song, how they discovered it and created a great track, is extremely fresh. I said, "Oh, that's how you create! "I wish I had done it myself."

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