Godzilla Vs. Kong presents King of the Monsters at the worldwide box office

Godzilla vs. Kong continued to maintain its box office dominance on its third US release weekend. The film added another $ 7.7 million over the weekend, making it number one for the third week in a row. In addition, it is now dangerously close to breaking the $ 400 million mark globally. And what is perhaps most amazing given the circumstances, the latest entry in the MonsterVerse range has already topped 2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

At the time of this writing Godzilla versus Kong earned $ 390.2 million worldwide. Meanwhile, the 2019 King of the Monsters, directed by Michael Dougherty, made $ 383.2 million throughout its cinematic run. This is impressive for a number of reasons. First and foremost, King of the Monsters hit theaters in May 2019, long before the pandemic devastated cinemas around the world. It had a full, unrestrained run and couldn’t break the $ 400 million mark. It was the long-awaited 2014 sequel to Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards. The follow-up also introduced other classic Toho beasts such as Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah.

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In the meantime, Godzilla vs. Kong has worked a lot against it on paper. It was one of the first blockbusters to hit theaters as health and safety concerns gradually subsided. Even so, these concerns have by no means gone away and all theaters are still closed. In addition, many of the open ones have a reduced capacity. Not to mention perhaps the biggest obstacle, which is the fact that the movie can be streamed in the US on HBO Max at no additional cost to subscribers. Anyway, director Adam Wingard’s kaiju brawl has proven to be something people want to see on the big screen.

Another extremely important factor to consider here is critical reception. Godzilla: King of the Monsters had a lot of hype leading up to its release. The critics weren’t particularly friendly, however, as the film currently has a 42 percent critical approval rating for Rotten Tomatoes. Although the audience is far better at 83 percent. However, Godzilla vs. Kong had better word of mouth everywhere. The critical approval rate is 75 percent, while the audience rating is an excellent 91 percent. There is no question that this contributed to the successful run of the film.

Previously Warner Bros. and Legendary’s Monster fresh Franchise grossed $ 1.86 billion in four films worldwide. Depending on how much gasoline Godzilla vs. Kong has in the tank, the franchise could approach $ 2 billion here in the coming months. This leads to the always important question of what the future holds. There is currently no word about a possible follow-up. While some of the creatives behind the scenes have spiced up ideas to bring the monsters back for future installments, nothing has been announced yet. But the studio no doubt wants to keep things going. These numbers come to us from Box Office Mojo.

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