Gal Gadot Gushes Over “Sensible” Marvel Girl 1984 Co-Star Kristen Wiig

Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig may play enemies on-screen, but they’re BFFs off-screen.

On Wednesday, Dec. 16’s all-new Daily Pop, E!’s Scott Tweedie caught up with the Wonder Woman 1984 stars and heard all about their filming friendship. According to Gal, they were “very, very silly on-set.”

She dished to Scott, “I think everything was so demanding and overwhelming that having these breaks of laughter and, just like, purely having fun made it all so much more worth it.”

As she continued, Gal joked that she and Kristen were “working on an album” after singing “many songs” together. Jokes aside, Gal gushed about her co-star, who she called “brilliant.”

“It was hilarious, it was fun,” Gal said while reflecting on making WW 1984. “It really helped me keep on going.”

Although Kristen brought the laughs to the WW 1984 set, she was nervous about taking on DC villain Cheetah.

“It was scary because I’ve never done anything like this,” the former Saturday Night Live star shared. “As much as you don’t want to think about other people’s opinions, I want to do right by the fans. I wanted to do a good job.”

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