Floyd Mayweather publicizes the likelihood that he’ll struggle Logan Paul in a boxing match

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Floyd Mayweather has only officially retired from the boxing world a few years, though he’ll be attending a paycheck and good times exhibition game every now and then.

According to the point of sale, Floyd and Logan Paul are indeed in talks to have a fight very soon, but they have not been able to get that done due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

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In case you missed it, Logan called Floyd Mayweather Junior out while talking to journalists one night. The YouTube personality explained the reasons he believed he could take down the legendary boxer, citing his youth, hunger, height, and more.

However, Logan admitted that Floyd would likely defeat him if they attacked each other in a boxing match rather than an MMA fight. Fast forward to today, and according to Hot New Hip Hop, some people on social media believe no one cared enough about the possibility that they are fighting.


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However, Logan said those rumors weren’t true, stating that the pre-fight pay-per-view numbers were out of this world. For Mayweather and what he’s been up to lately, the boxer just celebrated his 44th birthday in Florida.

TMZ was there and they asked him about the possibility of the fight, at which point the boxer stated that he was sure there would be a fight at some point in the future. Floyd told reporters that he knows it “will happen” but they just want to make sure everything is okay before it goes down.

In other words, the coronavirus is still in the US and not everyone has been vaccinated yet, so it may be some time yet. So far the rumor has been that it could happen sometime this year.

Jake will step into the ring with Ben Askren in April. At this point, Logan and Jake Paul have practically stepped into the boxing world as very real competitors.


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