Finish Proprietor Explains, Who Owns Who in Brandon Cronenberg’s Twisted Sci-Fi Horror Film?

Vos’ possession of Tate is an identity battle

The first key to understanding the symbolism and the hidden details of the conflict between Tasya Vos and Colin Tate is Brandon Cronenberg’s inspiration in writing Possessor, as he told JoBlo, from his own experience, he had to play a character that suited his surroundings. Vos does this for a living, and his psychological toll outside of murder is clear that he will have to rehearse conversations with family in order to forget certain memories. Tate is similarly damaged even before its identity is literally stolen from the inside. He has no close family and a morally bankrupt job with a data mining company.

Our main characters ‘own identity struggles take on a whole new meaning as Tate, now overwhelmed by Vos, confused about the horrific things he apparently did, and Vos’ life threatened if he manages to access her mind to to use it against them. So at its core, Possessor is a story about how easily people can lose their self-esteem, be it for another person or for their career. Speaking of …

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