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Fastest OSRS Skills To Level 99

Sep 29

Wondering what the fastest way to max out a skill for 99 in RuneScape is? You are in luck, as there's plenty of methods available. It just depends on how much time you have and your preference between speed or efficiency! And of course, which OSRS skill you are trying to level up.

Without further ado, here are the fastest skills you can level up in OSRS.


Fletching is a popular activity for players who are looking to make money and hone their skills. Turning logs that you have managed to find helps with both the Woodcutting skill, in addition, it can also provide bolts that may come in handy if your ranged weapon of choice isn't enough on its own.

Fletching is considered by many to be the fastest skill in-game that you can train. It will also provide players with a decent profit when they get into later levels of training this particular skill.

You can get to 99 Fletching quite quickly with a knife. You don't have to cut your own logs either, it might cost more but you'll save time in the long run!

In order to get up through the early levels, you will need normal logs. Making Arrow Shafts and Shieldbows with these can take your character from level 1 all the way out at 25 with no problem! After that, it's Oak shield bows made from just a few oaks until you hit level 70 and work on Yew logs.


The best part about cooking is that it's a skill you can level very quickly. You just need raw ingredients and some time on your hands, which makes the process even easier! As an added bonus for making dishes such as pies or pizzas (you'll have more success with these two), they often sell well too so there really isn't any reason not to make them if want to earn Old School RuneScape gold fast by selling food items instead of trading/buying from others who offer those kinds of services.

You can take your fishing skills to the next level by catching and cooking Shrimps, which should be enough to get you up through Level 5. Moving onto fish from here is a great way of leveling your cooking skill. You can work with Herring until level 20, then Trout until level 30. You can start cooking Tuna after that until you reach level 68. You can then max out your cooking skills by cooking lobster, monkfish, and shark.


For those looking to max out their skills, going for Construction and making crude wooden chairs is a great bet. You'll need some planks of wood as well as nails, and you can start working on improving your OSRS Construction skills.

You can start by crafting crude wooden chairs, then oak chairs, and mahogany tables. You can max out your construction skill by making flotsam pawnbrokers using those mahogany planks.