Falcon & Winter Soldier: New Clip Preview Next Marvel Disney + Show

They are not a team or a partner, but they look great together.


In case you are already grieving the fact that there are no more WandaVision let in the air, don’t worry: The falcon and the winter soldier released a new teaser trailer reminding you that it is arriving soon to satisfy all of our MCU cravings. The Disney + series has had some exciting buzz lately that only sparked curiosity about the next Marvel adventure. While we will have to wait two more weeks, it will likely take us this time to recover from a WandaVision finale where we grabbed our tissues.

The latest teaser trailer titled “Coworkers” tells us that Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) don’t seem too excited to work with each other. But as the teaser further reveals, being able to work one on one may force them to realize everything they have in common – and not just their connections to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), either. However, as with WandaVision, there is hope that this show will spend even more time developing these characters and giving fans an in-depth look at these Avengers. Hopefully the show’s plan of playing the antics of buddy comedy and getting us excited with tons of action will help make this happen.


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If you need a quick update, Falcon & the Winter Soldier (like WandaVision before) appears to be happening relatively soon after the events of Avengers: EndgameSam and Bucky reluctantly team up on a new mission. Based on the insights we’ve got from previously released trailers, they’ll apparently also expect a world where Steve Rogers is no longer represented – at least not Steve-Rogers-as-Captain-America, he decided to officially retire and his happy life with his lover Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).

Sam is the one who now wears Cap’s shield, as several previous clips and teasers have demonstrated, and comic book lovers will remember that his character also takes on Captain America’s cloak. So it’s interesting that the show is still billed as Falcon & the Winter Soldier. Maybe we’ll see Sam officially make a superhero name change after completing six hours of episodes?

The Falcon & the Winter Soldier will begin streaming the first of its six episodes on Disney + on March 19th. Take a look at the new teaser “Coworkers”:

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