Euphoria: HBO Max Particular Episode Trailer Reveals Rue’s Destiny

Zendaya and Colman Domingo are back for this ‘Euphoria’ special event.


The official trailer for the first of two HBO Max Euphoria special episodes has finally arrived. The episode, titled “Part 1: Rue,” stars Zendaya and Colman Domingo; although it’s possible Hunter Schafer could also make an appearance as the trailer teases flashbacks to the Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Schafer) Season 1 finale storyline. The trailer for Euphoria “Part 1: Rue” arrives just one week after the poster for the special episode was released. “Part 1: Rue” is the first of two special episodes set to air ahead of the Euphoria Season 2 premiere.


The most noteworthy aspect of the trailer for Rue’s episode is the confirmation of fate after the Season 1 finale. If you recall, Euphoria Season 1 ended with Rue and Jules planning to hop a train and flee their hometown after Jules is confronted by the truly despicable Nate (Jacob Elordi). When the pair get to the train, however, Rue freezes and is unable to get on the train with Jules. Jules still leaves and Rue returns home. She relapses once more in her attempt to numb the pain of her decision. In Rue’s overdosed state, the closing minutes of Euphoria Season 1 sees Rue enter a dream state where she is met by what could only be interpreted as a heavenly chorus, leaving the question of whether she lives or dies unanswered.


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The trailer for “Part 1: Rue” brings us to a diner late at night. Rue sits in a booth, still wearing the clothing she wore when she overdosed in Season 1. She seems fixated on those final moments with Jules at the train station, as if she’s trying to make sense of what happened. Eventually, Ali (Domingo), a recovering addict Rue met at a local meeting, snaps Rue back to reality. It seems Rue has called on Ali for help following her latest relapse.

It’s worth noting that while I’d be surprised if Rue wasn’t definitely alive in this special, pre-Season 2 episode, the fact that she is wearing the same clothes she overdosed in has me wondering this story will return us to Rue’s dream state as she tries to unconsciously process events rather than deal with them in reality. Guess we’ll have to tune in to “Part 1: Rue” on Sunday, December 6, and find out, won’t we?

Euphoria Part 1: Rue will air on December 6 at 9/8c on HBO and then stream on HBO Max. Watch the official trailer for the Rue-focused special episode below. Get even more HBO Max news here.


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