Dylan Brady of 100 Gecs Hints At Collaboration With Skrillex

The number of people that Skrillex has worked with this year is mind boggling, but perhaps one of the most exciting collaborations might have just been teased.

During an Instagram Live, Dylan Brady, one half of experimental electronic music duo 100 Gecs, slyly teased at a potential collab between the two of them.

“People are spamming Skrillex in the chat,” says one man.

“Skrillex collab?” Brady replies, already inserting his own words into the mix. “I wonder if that’s gonna happen,” as he begins mischievously stroking his chin, in the way that scheming people do. “Hmm, hmmmmmm, Skrillex…”

After rumors of an Avril Lavigne collaboration last week, a 100 Gecs collaboration, in addition to one with The Beach Boys, another with Mike Einziger, could be spelling a collection of songs for 2020… an album, maybe?

Dylan Brady hints at Skrillex collab from 100gecs


Photo via Marilyn Hue

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