Dune’s Dave Bautista reveals the sweet story behind getting involved in the Denis Villeneuve flick

We followed this movie for months because I wanted so badly to be a part of it. I never got in touch because I don’t want to be that guy like, “Hey Denis, is there a part for me?” I never wanted to be that guy. But he actually called me, he didn’t say anything like “So there is this part …”. He asked me directly if I would come and play this part. I was so surprised that I didn’t even know what to say except, of course, “Yes”. Moments like these really measure how far I’ve come as an actor. I’m very proud that a director like Denis would call and offer me a role in a movie that I know is going to be enormous. Because people have been waiting for it for years. And people are so excited about the novels. For him it was a personal statement to offer me such an integral part of this film. I can’t buy that kind of emotion, that sense of pride. These are the few moments in life that I get this, when I feel like my life is worth something, I’ve done something with my life. My life means something.

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