Drag Race Top 4 revealed! Which queen wasn’t quite “strong enough”?


Meant for more, top 4! The Friday episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race dethroned another hopeful queen and paved the way for a sick season finale … in a few weeks.

Friday’s Maxi Challenge occupied the five remaining participants – Gottmik, Kandy Muse, Olivia Lux, Rosé, and Symone – in the instant science fiction classic Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens! And who better to prepare you for your close-up than Black Widow himself, Scarlett Johansson? Certainly not Colin Jost, who crashed his wife’s virtual pep talk to ask if the film is called … Size Queens. (Save the comedy for Weekend Update, buddy.)

Most of Henny’s casting actually went together naturally – rosé as brandy, the “sarcastic” queen, Gottmik as chardonnay, the “whiny”, and Olivia as ginger ale, the “stupid” – but there was a bit of friction when It was time for Kandy and Symone to claim their roles. Both had their hearts on Dominique, the “mean” one, and neither wanted to back down.

After an extremely frustrating back-and-forth exchange, Symone finally accepted the role of Margarita, the “smart one,” but she wasn’t happy about it. That worried me when [1] I only want the best for Symone and [2] We’ve seen tons of challenges with queens playing bombs by basically throwing in the towel after not getting their preferred role. One tearful Symone even admitted (via a confessional) that the pressures and expectations of the competition are really starting to hit her. (Seriously, it’s 2021. Why don’t smart TVs have a feature for sending hugs ?!)

In the end, however, Symone’s tears were in vain. The judges really enjoyed her performance, while believing Kandy relied too heavily on the same old schtick and didn’t bring enough zazz into the role. They actually felt that Olivia, who also underperformed, might have benefited from Dominique as it would have given her the opportunity to expand her reach. And it wasn’t just Kandy’s acting that was badly rated by the judges; They also tore apart their “sloppy” ill-fitting runway look. Michelle Visage even gave her the dreaded line “You are better than this”.

“I am very disappointed,” said Kandy, and her eyes filled with tears. “And I agree with the outfit. When I put it on, I don’t feel pretty in it. Do you know when to wear something and feel great in it? I didn’t feel that. And I’m just disappointed. We’re so close to the end and that’s something I’ve wished for for so long. But the fight isn’t over yet and maybe next time I’ll play a stupid bitch. “

Check out this week’s full runway (“Haute Pockets”) below:

Category is: HAUTE POCKETS! ✨

Whose lew was your favorite of the night? 👠 #DragRace pic.twitter.com/dxNFmf18y5

– RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) April 3, 2021

Some of these looks were great, but Gottmik gets my personal seal of approval – if only for this perfect Hercules turn signal reference. (Click here for a refresher.)

But before Ru sent the queens backstage, he asked everyone’s favorite question: “Who should go home tonight and why?” Everyone chose Olivia without hesitation, with the exception of Ms. Lux, who finally chose Kandy after a full hour of silence.

And the judges’ decision couldn’t have been less surprising. Rosé received their third win of the season (they loved their mod look on the catwalk) while Gottmik and Symone (Phew!) Got to safety and Kandy and Olivia faced the music – that music was Cher’s “Strong Enough”.

Real talk … Given how much was at stake for both queens, and the inherent potential of this iconic jam, I was a little overwhelmed by the lip-sync. Kandy managed to get a few laughs out of the judges, but there were no wow moments on either end. If the pool hadn’t already been so small, I would have sent both of them to pack. On the other hand, I’m not Ru. And my opinion is literally irrelevant.

Then came the final decision: Kandy was brought to safety while Olivia Lux was told to leave. “You should be very proud of yourself.” Said Ru. “I know I am.”

“A fond reminder of Liv’s life to the full,” said Olivia on her way off the runway.

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