Derick Dillard drags the Duggar family after Josh’s CP scandal – calls “counting on” just a “rebranding” of “19 children and counting!”

Derick Dillard slammed his wife, Jill Duggar’s family, and TLC after Josh Duggar’s arrest for child pornography. For him, the spin-off “19 Kids and Counting” was just a “rebranding” after Josh’s original harassment scandal.

As you may recall, 19 Kids and Counting were canceled in 2015 after Josh Duggar admitted molesting four of his sisters as children.

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But then a spin-off followed and now that Josh was arrested for illegal activity with children, he revealed that TLC hadn’t even paid her for the spin-off show and more!

It all started with one social media user arguing, “If you cancel a show, you cancel everyone. Why should Jessa and Ben or John and Abbie suffer? That’s my point, Josh and his parents have nothing to do with any of the other kids. Just leave their show alone. Josh has already been removed from the original show. Counting On doesn’t even talk about him. ‘

“It’s the parents’ show, you know that, right?” Derick answered.

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‘Josh has grown. He’s responsible for his own actions, not his parents and siblings, anyone, ”the same user clapped back.

However, according to Derick, the harassment scandal wasn’t the only reason the show was canceled.

“Then why were 19 Kids and Counting canceled if it wasn’t related to them?” he asked, suggesting that Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar still have a lot of control over the TLC shows.

Ultimately, he referred to Counting On as a simple “rebranding” in response to another fan who first called it that, claiming that the patriarch of the massive family is still the one receiving payments for the show rather than his daughters and his Sons-in-law that appear in them.

“Yes, that’s exactly what they called it – a rebranding. Same business structure as 19 Kids and Counting (i.e. one person makes all the decisions for everyone and one person gets paid) but it would be renamed to make people believe it was different. We pushed back and were often threatened. If you will notice, we refused to go to the photoshoot for the intro of the show. ‘Jill and Jessa: count on’ That’s why we weren’t in the intro, we had to do the shows. Finally we called their bluff and quit. ‘

The man also assured fans that he would explain everything in more detail at a later date.

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