Demi Burnett of Bachelor Nation slams Reality Steve’s “BS” and “calculated” apologies to her

She said his claim “drives me crazy the most” because Steve allegedly changed his attitude towards her when she started making friends with him.

“He hated me a lot, called me the worst names, how annoying, she just does everything for herself, has said the meanest things about me since it was probably years,” she explained. “And then when I gave him the time of day just to be at peace with him, I think I was having a … friendly relationship so maybe he would stop talking about me, he stopped saying bad things . “

Demi has this feeling when she and Steve started talking privately, “He stopped saying that I was annoying. He stopped saying that I was super selfish. He stopped doing all these ugly, ugly things to say about me. And he didn’t say anything. “

Your takeaway food? “So, sure, what I did worked. I thought, ‘I’ll get fine with him so he doesn’t talk badly about me, he doesn’t beat me up, he doesn’t gossip about me.’ And it worked.”

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