Decoding the True Meanings Behind Miranda Lambert’s Most Intense Love Lyrics

Lambert took a break from writing after Wildcard was finished, and then the coronavirus forced a break from touring, so the desire to make music again this summer was real.

“I’m still very much in it,” she assured Songwriting magazine in August. “I’m obsessed with it, I love it, I miss it, I start to crave it. I haven’t written a song since Wildcard was finished and I’m getting the itch. It’s something that I can’t not do, I have to do it. I can’t explain why that happens; you start to crave it because there’s a release in it.”

Lasting love is indeed the name of the game these days, and she’s perfectly happy to share that with the world, along with whatever other emotions she happens to be experiencing at any given time.

“My job is to be honest,” she explained. “I started my career songwriting from exactly my point of view and from my heart, so I feel like from my perspective I give everything in those songs. It’s whenever people ask me personal questions and I’m like, ‘You know what, all the answers you want to know are right there on the record.'”

She added, “You just have to listen for it. I use it as therapy, that’s what we get to do as songwriters. It’s an awesome blessing, getting to use our words to heal ourselves and hopefully in the process we’ll heal other people, because we’re not the only ones going through hard things.”

The 2020 CMA Awards airs Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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