Chris Rocks Finest Performances in Movie and Tv, Rating

5.Never fear (self)

As mentioned in the intro, Chris Rock is a real movie star, but he probably feels most comfortable on a stage walking back and forth holding a microphone. One example of this is his 2004 comedy special Never Scared, which actually earned Chris Rock a Grammy when it was turned into a comedy record.

I always judge stand-up shows by how well the jokes hold up over the years, and Never Scared is still very effective even knowing the subjects are a little out of date. Even so, he delves into issues like marriage, why drugs are never legalized in America (I don't think he could foresee Oregon), and the differences between rich and rich. And while not all jokes land, just like George Carlin, he's telling the truth even when he's not funny. And that's exactly why Chris Rock will always be a national treasure. In fact, never fear.

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