Casting Secrets and techniques, Shocking Guidelines, and Journey Issues: The Wonderful Info of the Race That Would possibly Shock You

"The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safely. Go!"

The 32nd season of the Amazing Race ends this evening on December 16th. The race consisted of former NFL professionals DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge, Olympic hurdlers Kellie Brinkley and LaVonne Idletteas well as a father-son duo, several pairs of siblings and a gay couple.

The 11 teams started the competition at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and continued to take part in mental and physical challenges in Trinidad and Tobago, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Brazil and other countries.

After 19 years, 32 seasons and a record of 10 Emmy wins for the Outstanding Reality TV Competition Series, this race is still amazing, with near-unprecedented planning, shooting problems and ambition after having been in over 89 countries with a crew of over 70 people was rotated floor.

Over the years, serial co-creator and spouse Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster and fan favorite hosts Phil Keoghan revealed some behind-the-scenes details of the show, including the unexpected travel issues competitors face, how many people are working on TAR, and how Keoghan nearly hosted another iconic reality TV contest series:

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