Cardi B Licks Graphic Video To Get 'Faux P *** y' Battle rumors !!

Cardi B is fighting back after an allegedly false image of the female rap star's intimate area was posted on social media this weekend, MTO News learned.

And Cardi has decided to fight back against the false image – by posting a "real" video showing her "real" body.

In the video, Cardi explains to her fans, "Your mother fucker goes around showing this picture – now you're photoshopping and saying [it shows] Cardis P *** y."

She continues: "That's not my problem."

The platinum singer and married mother stated that the picture was faked to make them look bad.

In the video Cardi then points to her private area and said to the fans: "This is my p *** y here. This is where I gave birth to my daughter."

Cardi then said to her haters: "You want to look at my p *** y so badly, you should have visited me when I was a mother stripper … too bad."

Late last week, Cardi B got into controversy … After dropping her November cover for Footwear News imitating the Hindu goddess Durga, Cardi got pulled online.

Critics were quick to call on Cardi to embrace Hinduism, a religion practiced by more than a billion people around the world, and to disregard its culture. "I found this really disrespectful to our culture because even wearing a shoe in one temple is forbidden, but then she did a photoshoot holding a shoe in her hand and saying she was paying homage," one person wrote Twitter.

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