Beyonce FLAUNTS Her New ‘Enhanced’ Butt; Leak pics of her in THONG !!

Beyoncé is currently pushing her new clothing line Ivy Park and using her body to get the brand’s attention.

As reported by MTO News, Beyonce’s “new” body, and especially her new bum, has fed a lot of online gossip over the past few weeks. Lots of people believe that Jay Z’s wife, who has always been curvy lately, had butt augmentation to make herself even more bootylicious.

And Bey is obviously proud of her new body too – because she shows him every chance she gets.

In order to attract the eyes and ultimately open wallets for her new collection, a third collaboration with Adidas, the pop superstar relies on her own star power.

And part of her bait and star power when it comes to grabbing attention has been the presentation of her recognizable face and feminine curves; as was the case when she bared her bum in one of the revealing pieces of her latest online advertisement.

Here she is:


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