Bee Gees Trailer Reveals Frank Marshall's HBO Max Documentary

The documentary about the legendary band will premiere on December 12th.


The Bee Gees are one of the most famous bands in the history of music, so it is appropriate that they be the subject of an in-depth documentary by one of Hollywood's most famous filmmakers. The Bee Gees: How Can You Heal a Broken Heart? comes to HBO Max on December 12th from an acclaimed producer and director Frank MarshallJudging by the brand new trailer, it's going to be quite an emotional journey.

The Bee Gees, founded by brothers in the late 1950s Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, known internationally in the 60s and 70s. The trio, hailed as the "Kings of Disco", wrote over 1,000 songs over the next few decades, including 20 No. 1 hits such as the timelessly groovy ones Saturday Night Fever Theme song "Stayin 'Alive". Marshall's documentary documents the band's nearly 50-year career and contains insightful interviews with the oldest brother Barry as well as archive interviews with Robin and Maurice. (Maurice died in 2003 and Robin died in 2012.) The film contains a wealth of never-before-seen archive material from recording sessions, concert appearances, television appearances and home videos, as well as interviews with musicians Eric Clapton, Noel Gallagher, Nick Jonas, Chris Martin, Justin Timberlake, Music producer Mark Ronson, Singer Lulu, Managing director of the record company Bill Oakes, and other. (Not only was Timberlake a great pop star, famous for his falsetto, he also played Robin on the Barry Gibb Talk Show series by SNL Sketches making him a doubly unique authority on the Bee Gees.)


Image via HBO

Disco has faced massive and unfair backlash following its dominant mainstream success, and the Bee Gees unfortunately suffered the brunt of this hostility and have been deemed extremely uncool for many years. Marshall's documentary not only explores the complexities of attaining incredible fame and fortune while working closely with family, but it also reminds us of how many bops of all time the Bee Gees actually wrote, and makes a strong argument that they were never uncool. Check out the trailer below and be prepared to have some vintage songs irrevocably on your mind for the rest of the day.

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