Armin van Buuren drops the brand new EP "Euthymia" [LISTEN]

Armin van Buuren switches its sound with a brand new, melodic release, the Euthymia EP.

Armin's Euthymia EP consists of seven outstanding tracks and shows pure musicality and artistry. This extensive collection combines styles and crosses borders. It ranges from deep, mysterious trance tones that can be heard in the title track to uplifting, vocal productions.

The EP consists of the fan favorites "Need You Now" Jake Reese, "Feel Something" with Duncan Laurence, "Should I wait" with Avalan, and more. Together with a handful of employees, Armin is driving his sound forward in a new way with this future-oriented, adaptive release.

Euthymia refers to life without mood disorders, an elevated state of mind based on happiness and calm. It's definitely a stress reliever that lives up to its name.


Armin van Buuren – Euthanasia

Listen / download:

Photo via Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

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