Another spin-off gets below deck in a dreamy place

Anchor away!

The popular Below Deck franchise first took over the Mediterranean and sailing yachts, but now the crews are saying “Ahoy” to Australia in a new Peacock spinoff series. NBCU’s streaming service Peacock announced today, May 13th, that the “Upstairs / Downstairs of a really functioning superyacht” will be shown below Deck Down Under.

Australia is also home to world renowned underwater activities and the Great Barrier Reef. So definitely expect the drama in international waters. From diving to snorkeling, Down Under promises beautiful people, crazy guests and breathtaking natural landscapes.

It can even get too wet to be comfortable: “The usual five-star service becomes even more difficult for these adventurous yachties who have access to a glamorous lifestyle and exotic perks that few people will ever experience,” it says in the press release on Thursday. Add some sexy Australian accents and who knows what can happen on the high seas?

Below Deck Down Under is produced by 51 heads.

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