Anna Faris gives surprising marriage tips for her and Chris Pratt’s son Jack

Anna Faris made a surprising discovery after their public breakups.

On the latest episode of her unqualified podcast, the Just Friends actress spoke to the writer Glennon Doyle about marriage and their experiences with divorce. As fans may know, Anna tied the knot with the actor Ben Indra in 2004 when she was 27 years old. The duo split in 2008, a year before their wedding Chris Pratt. The Hollywood couple who share their 8-year-old son Jack PrattShe said “yes” in 2009 and was married for almost a decade before announcing their split in 2017.

“Both times I got divorced, I was surprised – although I shouldn’t have been – the support from my family,” said Anna Glennon. “That the people around me have been so infallibly supportive and kind and I can imagine that when I feel like I am, I can’t imagine the pressure we put on ourselves to please everyone around us already have a supportive family almost like how do we start thinking about what we want? how do we remove everyone else’s context? “

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