Ammika Harris makes fans smile with her photos

Ammika Harris makes fans smile with new pictures showing her and Aeko. Check out the photos below.

“Most of the time he’s with me. Wavy beach hair with wave stick from @bondiboost #bondiboostUS #boostyourroots, ‘said Ammika.

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Someone posted, “Ok, because I really wonder where he is”. But, “and one commenter said,” He’s so in awe of you. “He’ll always be with his mother. ‘

Another follower said: ‘Such a tutorial, please !!! I have the same tool and my tool came out so bad. “One follower said,” You hear Bob Proctor – me too, every day. “

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One commenter posted: “Nice,” just noticed that I have the same finger tattoo as yours on the same finger, haha, “and one commenter posted this message,” A mother’s boy recognizes a mother’s boy in the Arise “.

More people sent her praises and they also sent their love for Aeko through the comments section.

Others asked where is Chris Brown and why she hasn’t seen him lately.

One fan said, “Amazing wave stick, I have one and it’s amazing love it” and someone else posted this: “Lovely Ammika and lovely Aeko … have a nice day …”

Ammika Harris posted some new pictures from her sister’s birthday party on her social media account. Check them out on their social media account.

‘One follower said,’ Happy birthday to your little sister ‘. The decorations look beautiful. ‘

In other news, Ammika shared with Harris what she believed about life of all forms. Check out the post with fans speaking in the comments.

Someone said, “No matter what it is that something or someone just wants love, care and concern,” and another follower wrote this: “So true, some people only want to give love when they need something.” come back and it just doesn’t work that way 😑 ‘

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