Amanda, who appeared on soft white lower abdomen, dies at the age of 25

Amanda, a woman who was one of the subjects of the Soft White Underbelly series on YouTube, has passed away at the age of 25, according to a video update from the station.

On Saturday May 15th Lima Jevremovic appeared next to Amanda’s father on Soft White Underbelly to discuss Amanda’s death. Lima, who was helping Amanda with treatment and organizing a Go Fund Me for her future recovery efforts, explained how Amanda, who was in a treatment facility, was found unresponsive in her bed on May 9th. Mark Laita, a photographer and the creator of the YouTube series, said in a statement to E! News: “Until Amanda’s autopsy is complete, we won’t know exactly what caused her death on Sunday 5th / 9th. We just know that they ruled out drugs or bad gaming. We should be next week or so know more. ” . “

Amanda, who lives on Skid Row in Los Angeles, first shared her story with the world in December 2019. She talked about her addiction to cocaine and her experience of sex work. One of the videos shows Amanda with a black eye and can’t remember if she spoke to Mark before.

In April 2021, Soft White Underbelly shared a video from Amanda explaining that she was now being treated with support from Lima, who helped organize and pay for her recovery efforts.

Amanda seemed hopeful about her future. “I want people to see that it takes time and effort,” she said. “Being sober and recovering are two different things. I’m in recovery. I just want to do something and do the things so that I can stay sober for the rest of my life.” In addition to her drug addiction, she said she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, which is one of the reasons she wanted to stay sober.

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