Akbar from Love & HipHop makes fun of co-stars with special needs! (‘She is disabled’)

Two stars of Love & Hip Hop, Akbar V and Alexis Skyy, find themselves in the middle of a very ugly Twitter war. The beef got ugly, MTO News learned after Akbar V. made some objectionable comments about Alexis’ daughter who has special needs.

In the disturbing video, Akbar complains about Alexis’ daughter Leighleigh for a long time. On the video, MTO News heard Akbar describe the little girl as “retarded” and “brain dead.”

Then Akbar went further, hinting that Leighleigh has special needs because Alexis used drugs while pregnant.

Akbar told her fans, “Your daughter stayed behind because of you … tell the truth, you had cocaine in your system.”


Alexis was quick to respond to Akbar’s video. Alexis claims that she wants to fight Akbar. As it should …

The drama between the two women has been filmed and MTO News has confirmed that it will be part of the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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