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Music Rental Services In Brisbane

May 28

Brisbane Music Rental Services is renowned for its music scene, and there are plenty of occasions to listen to local artists at venues across the city. You can also see an international act, or go to one of the many music festivals that feature live performances.

Studio 19 Rentals has partnered with us to offer our customers with a simple rental option for instruments. Click the RENT NOW button after you have selected the instrument you wish to rent.

Rentals for Student Instruments

Getting your student started on the right track with a quality school instrument doesn't need to cost you a fortune. Menchey offers a range of affordable options to help your child's musical development including an all-inclusive plan that includes school delivery every week as well as a down payment, monthly payments, repair plans, and classroom materials.

Brasswind instruments create sounds by vibrations triggered by the lips and the embouchure of the player, as well as valves, slides and keys. We have a variety of brasswind instruments like trombones, cornets, trumpets and euphoniums made by trusted brands such as Bach and Yamaha.

Stringed instruments are played by bowing or striking strings that create many sounds that include melodies and chords. We offer a wide selection of strings for rent in all sizes, from 1/10 size violins to 4/4 size violins, violas and cellos. Our strings are rented from reputable brands like Strobel and Eastman.

Band Instrument Rentals

Studio19 Rentals has partnered with us to offer a low-cost and simple rental service for instruments. Simply choose the instrument you would like to hire from our site and then click the RENT NOW button. Then you will be directed to Studio19's secure website where you can complete the online application. It takes about 10 minutes and is subject to approval of credit, which typically happens within the hour during the business hours.

Saxophones are wind instruments that create sound by vibration of the lips of a player using a variety of adjustments and techniques including embouchure. They come in a range of sizes, including alto soprano, and tenor. Brasswind instruments include trumpets cornets, french horns, trombones, and the euphonium.

School Instrument Rentals

For more than 40 years, we have helped students begin their musical journey by providing them with brand-new instruments from reputable brands that are endorsed by schools. We offer the lowest prices for renting music equipment in Queensland and delivery directly to your doorstep.

Renting an instrument allows students to participate in school bands or orchestra without having to commit to a full year. Parents can determine if their children are interested in music without spending any money. The director is also reassured, knowing that the students who rent instruments do not occupy valuable space and resources with instruments that aren't repairable quickly.

You can lease any product on our site by clicking on the RENT NOW button (subject credit approval). This will lead you to Studio 19 rentals where the process typically takes about 10 minutes.